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190621 GiantTangerine

Summary[ | ]

This week we'll be continuing the global opening event with Mr. Giant Tangerine Man raid boss, with special featured attack such as, 'Mexican Wall' and 'Dead on Arrival'. The team who defeats him will have a 10% chance to get special collectible Baby T. Balloon. The boss will be roaming in open world on all reams every two hours on Saturday and Sunday 9.00 arm - 19.00 pm and weekdays from 15.00pm -19.00pm (EST, CEST and ICT on US, EU and SEA servers.) So make sure you don't miss out on this item. (He's very easy and gives out good EXP for starting players too.)

ps. We also brought back Chakwa and Lycidas at (21.00pm to 23.00pm) for advance players.

ps2. On a side note, our marketing campaign will begins next week. So please don't be surprise if you see strange posts on our social media. (They might not be from us... lol )

Patch Note v5.03[ | ]

- Add new raid boss, Mr. Giant Tangerine man. (Information will be on wiki tomorrow.)

- Add new trinkets, big bug balloon, blue bug balloon and Baby T. Balloon.

- Damage from DEX should now be calculated correctly after defence, and have a new lower bound and upper bound of 10~20% of DEX.

- Updated new bulletin board gui (Daily-Sin).

- Added new exit button at game title gui.

- Added new dungeon altar in front of the Purgatory gate.

- Updated new light and fog in Purgatory area.

- Updated new light and fog in Scale of Eidolon.

- Added new blocking map of Pride Arena for internal use.

- Fixed many many small stuffs.