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Summary[ | ]

It's a new month, and we got a new raid boss to challenge your demonic skills. His name is Didemdum, a rubber giant with wind affinity. HIs rubberly skin will bounce off all projectile and deal damage back at you, so watch out and don't kill yourself. He also drops the last materials for crafting your tier-3 armours.

In the next two week, we are hoping that we could release an early preview of the Pride Arena. So, finger cross and be prepared for it.

Patch Note v5.05[ | ]

- Added new raid boss, Didemdum (drop final materials for tier 3 set.) His information will be added to our Wiki later.

- Add new event, Returning Tempest, where global players can trade event item for the wind weapons from the event shop.

- Added new mob, Windie to Purgatory Plain. (20% chance to drop event materials.)

- Added Shirofu and Kurofu back in Purgatory Wall and Purgatory Stage. (35% chance to drop event material)

- Remove Baby T. Balloon from DemonSlum.

- Remove generic controller plug-in which interfered with X-Box and PS4 Controller. (causes camera to spin around.)

- Added support for MMO controller gameplay.

- Add new special camera for game recording. (Currently for internal use only. We plan to release this to public later, when we can figure out how to prevent it from being used as spying camera.)

- Fixed Baby T. balloons not showing up in War Chamber and Armoury. (Will only be displayed in slot 2.)

- Fixed the cutscene of Raganaut where voice over crash together.

Event Raid Boss Detail[ | ]