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190719 RaidCircle

Summary[ | ]

Finally we have a complete circle of raid bosses. They all will circle back and rotate daily (see chart below.) Another good news is, they now have a chance of dropping new powerful animas (1% legendary, 2% epic and 4% rare.) to all who is in the open-world when they are defeated. More anima details here ->

For assisting with these fearsome bosses, we are bringing back the elemental surge event with elemental protection rewards with reduced price. So make sure you collect at least the uncommon versions of them, as they do help with all future bosses.

The big new today is about Pride Arena. We are actually ahead of schedule. So instead of open the beta version to public this week with no rewards, we decided to open the complete version next week with a special patch. SO please be prepare for it. (Early info should be out next week.)

Patch Note v5.06[ | ]

- Added Pride Arena Beta Version to the game (Not open to public yet.)

- All raid bosses are back and will follow the scheduled below. (Random spawn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.)

RaidBoss chart

- Added new 4 new type of animas dropping from raid bosses. (Lycant, Sun Ray, Spinner and Tortoise.)

- Increase most of the stat-based animas by around 50% to balance out with the reduction from previous patches.

- Update many second row skills sound and effects.

- Many bugs fixed as usual. :)