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190726 PrideColosseum

The gate to our fifth arena, Pride Colosseum is now open! Don't let the bright image fool you, this is the underworld realm where the worst souls spend their time atoning for their sin. This is also the official arena for demons to duke it out and see who's really the strongest. Normally Pride arena will open only on Sunday, but we're going to open it everyday for testing. So don't miss the chance to test your own strength and get the new awesome rewards.

Another important announcement is that we're planning to full release our game on August 30th (or Sep 6th in case of emergency.) So next month we'll be continuing polishing our game while updating new events and tying up loose ends. So please help us spread the words. Cheer!

For more details about Pride Arena, please visit: Pride_Arena

Patch Note v5.09[ | ]

- Added Pride Arena to the War Chamber (requires rank 5 or higher.)

- Added 4 new pride animas (Hubris I~IV - add 150-600 MHP and 5-20 light protection.)

- Added 9 new pride materials.

- Added 5 new pride schemas (crafting is not open yet.)

- Fixed Babas change attack stuck with early mouse release.

- Added several new third-line skills for internal testing.