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190802 HolyRetribution

Following up on the opening of Pride Arena last week, the angels have now descended upon Purgatory Plain in retribution for the closing of the heaven's portal. So you know what to do. Hunt them down for various event items.

Special new is that now we have increase demons level limit to 23, and adding some new third-row skills. (Lots more will be coming next patch.) Additionally, now all arenas will not required player ranking. This is a temporary fixed so what new players can play later arena with higher-rank players.

LifeHack - Life Hack (Wiktor): Deals (20~30)% of MHP to self and heals self or target ally's HP and MP (200% and 20%).

RepeatShot - Repeat Shot (Hermont): Fire multiple shots at target enemy, dealing 8x STR(0.2~0.25) + TAL(10~15) dmg.

KingCrusher - King Crusher (Hermont): Create a rolling snow ball that deals STR(0.3~0.4) + TAL(20~30) [ice] dmg along its path.

FrostBite - Frost Bite (Verin): Slow target and reduce ice protection by LVL(35~50)% for 6s.

IceHurricane - Ice Hurricane (Verin): Create a hurricane that deals up to 10x.TAL(23~30) [wind]/[ice] dmg within 30 sec.

OceanRipples - Ocean Ripples (Oyama): Deals 3xTAL(30~45) [water] damage to front enemies and reduce water resistance by LVL(30~45)% for 13s.

TornadoSlash - Tornado Slash (Oyama): Deals 6 x STR(0.2~0.3) + TAL(6~9) [wind] dmg and reduce wind resistance by LVL(30~45)% for 13s.

Lastly, here's the preview of the upcoming Pride Armour set (and upper-tier Exalt Armour) which will focus on VIT+TAL and HP regen with light affinity. Hopefully we'll be opening their crafting in our next patch. So please keep your finger cross. :)

PrideSet Preview

Patch Note v5.10[ | ]

- Added two new angels, Evangel and Guardian to Purgatory Plain.

- Added new event item, angel halo and update Event shop.

- Temporary disable Arena checking Rank.

- Add 7 new third-row skills: Life Hack (Wiktor), Repeat Shot (Hermont), King Crusher (Hermont), Frost Bite (Verin), Ice Hurricane (Verin), Ocean Ripples (Oyama) and Tornado Slash (Oyama.)

- Update Mim's skill Illusionary Orb to have homing effect.

- Re-adjust and reduce all Mim skills' MP cost.

- Fixed Verin and Wiktor native skill missing.

- Fixed RodeoBob's Anima Relentless and changed its effect to reduce all non-skill sp cost to 0 (with 5-20% chance.) This will also include sprinting cost.

- Fixed equipments not giving out Flat HP, MP and SP.

- Fixed Kick Member Guild in Soul Tower not working.

- Fixed missing Earth Amulet icon.