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190816 SkillTrain

Our demons are getting super stroong! We're adding 26 new powerful tier-3 skills this week. Many more will be coming next patch along with Pride set which sadly didn't make it in time. Another important note is that, all skills MP cost has been lower by about 33%. This is to address the previous stat balance which significantly lower all Demons Max MP.

Anyhoo, check out the new skills below and don't forget to let us know what you think!

Corruption Corruption [Menalisa] - Curse target dealing TAL(45~66) [dark] e.dmg every time it attacks over 9 sec.

Desolute Desolute [Menalisa] - Immediately remove all physical and magical buffs from target enemy.

BlackCurse BlackCurse [Menalisa] - Create a dark miasma that deal TAL(23~33) [dark] e.dmg to nearby enemies every second.

Doom Doom [Menalisa] - Cast a doom spell that deals TAL(200~300) [dark] e.dmg after 23s.

FireGuard FireGuard [XunWu] - Temporary give your team LVL(40~60)% [fire] and LVL(20~30)% [ice] protection for 13s.

FireArmy [XunWu] - Increase all allies phy.attack by (10~15)% and change their n.attack to [fire] for LVL(10~15)s.

Gambit [Killjoy] - Temporary deal LVL(150~200)% critical normal attack as aoe effect damage or deal no damage for 13s.

ColorShuffle ColorShuffle [Killjoy] - Deals random elemental magical TAL(77~99) dmg to target and reduce its by (40~60)% for 13s.

OracleBlast OracleBlast [Fay] - Deal current weapon's element as 3x TAL(30~45) m.dmg at target enemy.

ElementalGuard ElementalGuard [Fay] - Give surrounding allies (15~23)% all elements protection and resist to e. reduction for 23s.

DrunkenFeast DrunkenFeast [Mhaou] - Heal LVL(100~150) HP, LVL(10~15) MP every 3s to self and 50% to surrounding allies for 30s.

HellFire HellFire [Mhaou] - Deal TAL(80~120) to enemies in target area and reduce LVL(20~30)% fire protection.

InfernalSiege InfernalSiege [Mhaou] - Command army catapult to relently attack an area for 13s.

Bless Bless [Amy] - Give target ally LVL(30~45)% [dark] protection and LVL(30~45) all stats for 60 sec.

GrandSwing GrandSwing [Amy] - Swing hammer forward and dealing 4 x STR(0.8~1.0) [light] dmg and 4x 10 KO to surrounding enemies.

Toughten [Iaron] - Give Iaron's LVL(20~30)% DEF for 13s. (Add the same amount to HardenSkin max value).

OffensiveCharge OffensiveCharge [Iaron] - Deals STR(1.0~1.3) +TAL(40~60) phy.dmg and reduce [earth] protection by LVL(20~30)% for 13s.

DefensivePush DefensivePush [Iaron] - Block phy.dmg and deals 10x STR(0.2~0.3) dmg to front targets.

WinterTide WinterTide [Hermont] - Passively gives Hermont additional LVL(20~30)% [water] [wind] [ice] [dark] protection.

WreckingBall WreckingBall [Barbas] - Rolls forward and deals 8x STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(20~30) dmg along its path.

BomberBees [Barbas] - Fire missles that blast random area around Barbas, dealing 8x TAL(40-60) dmg.

GunDrone GunDrone [Barbas] - Create a gun drone that repeat Barbas's normal attack with LVL(33~50)% dmg.

BindingChain [Nija] - Deal 2x STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(20~30) [dark] dmg and lock enemy down for LVL(2~3)s. (+MoonFire)

Illuminate Illuminate [Troth] - Gradually return LVL(100~150)% of MHP MMP and MSP to target ally over 60s.

LifeStream LifeStream [Ishtar] - Temporary change n.attack effect to heal nearby allies for HLG(130~200) HP.

BurrowUnder BurrowUnder [Ishtar] - Burrow Ishtar and her plants for 6s, prevents all dmg and heals (50~100)% of their MHP. (Move to cancel.)

Patch Note v.512[ | ]

- Add 26 new skills.

- All Skill MP cost have been lower by about 33%.

- Add Light protection to Amy's HolyShield.

- Fixed WarChamber hack where user can equip higher anima tier.

- Combine many status together and replace them with new status: NoHeal, NoMana, NoStamina, NoBuff, NoDebuff.