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191004 DuskOfHallows

It's ghost appreciation month in the underworld! Without them, what else will our beautiful demons eat? Be careful though, the hallows are also out in the open world and bat cave to feed on the wondering spirits. So hunt them for special unique lich weapon that drain opponents mana!

Anyhow, we decided to delay our angel boss yet another week for new event and other important updates. (Now we feel really bad for him.. its like he's never get to come out and play. lol) From now on, arena will have a timer wall that will block all players for 23 seconds to get players to start at at the same time.

We also added new 6 skills this week. (The notorious one will be Mim's Demon Clone skill, which allow him to create a simple clone of any demons in-game. This alone took us 3 days to finish all the ai. Hope you like it.) The winner of this patch however is Menalisa, who now has a complete list of tier-3 skills. So let us know what you think of them. More skills for other demons are also coming next week. 3 for our Wiktor, so wiktor fan watch out for it. ;)

Enjoy! :)

Patch Note v 6.06

- Added new Event Dusk of the Hallows.

- Added two new mobs, HallowBaby and HallowGhost to open world and bat Cave.

- Added event item new ghost face.

- Added 8 new Lich weapons to the event shop.

- Added 4 new tier-2 enhancement schema to the event shop.

- Update and lower most crafting materials.

- Increase level1 enhancement effect to 2-4 stat increase.

- Added Nija, Troth and Oyama's pride armor.

- Add new Menalisa's skill: HeartSickle - Instanly steals all surrounding enemies health by TAL(40~60) m.dmg. (Max 3 target + MassCurse lv).

- Add new Menalisa's skill: EuryaleReflection - Turn all surrounding target including self into stone for LVL(4~8) sec (Half for demons).

- Add new Mhaou's skill: FlameWhip - Deal 8x STR(0.3~0.4) + TAL(30~45) [fire] dmg to front enemies.

- Add new Mim's skill: SlowMotion - Temporary slow target run speed by LVL(40~60)% for 6 sec.

- Add new Mim's skill: DemonClone - Create a clone copy of target demon with LVL(100~150)% power of the original.

- Add new Verin's skill: FrostJavelin - Throw a jevalin that deals STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(60~90) [ice] m.dmg and freeze enemy in place.

- Add new Verin's skill: ReflectMagic - Cast a spell that reflect back all LVL(66~100)% magic damage back to its caster for 15s.

- Change Amy's chimera emblace to have its own status to prevent bless extending its timer.

- Reduce XunWu's Igni stat by 20% and its status time.

- Lower Hermont's Titan Form str and vit increase from from 100-150 to 80-120.

- Lower Hermont's King Crusher cool down to 13s and reduced its delay fire from 1s to 0.5s.

- Add ice resistence reduction effect to Hermont's Flozen Shock LVL(10-15)%.

- Fixed incorrect Killjoy's Rabbit Dynamite charge time and increase its ko damage to 3 per hit.

- Lower Fay's Mana Burn damage to TAL(40~60).

- Increase Fay's Water Vortex range and reduce its cool down to 13 seconds.

- Reduce Fay's Magic Lance Collision length.

- Add reduce m.dmg by LVL(20~30)% effect to Mim's DistortReality.

- Reduce Verin's CrossCounter cool down to 13 seconds.

- Titania will now deal heavy damage around her collision once ko to clear her path.

- Added Raid boss Timer.

- Added inventory scroll bar in Tower's Item Shop.

- Add 23 second timer wall at the start of all arena.

- Fixed sink hole near Purgatory Gate.