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191011 HolyZerachiel

Holy Zerachiel, the giant angels who has been idle since the first armagedon has woken up. Do you have what it take to defeat him for tier-3 materials? We also open new tier-3 armor called exalt armor to all demons and the rest of the lich weapon. This make the total new weapon and armors update to a whoopping 46 items!

For Wiktor's fan, you will love this patch since we gave him the strongest skill in the game call Right Chaos. It basically return all the damage he previously received back in one big swooop! This comes at a price though since he will loose his revive skill. So the choice is yours. Troth also underwent a big change as we introduce a new summon and change his skill a bit. Again, this is an on-going update. Nothing is solid yet but we do hope you like it.

On a side note, there will be a big twitch party going on EU Server next week. So watch out for the official details coming soon. :)

Patch Note v.6.08[ | ]

- Add new Campaign: Holy Zerachiel.

- Add 3 new anima:

Z hlz1 Benevolent (Add 3-7% heal and 100-250mhp.)

- Add 10 new lich weapons to EventShop.

W xun38 W ish38 W mna38 W vrn38 W oym38 W mao38 W fay38 W hrm38 W bar38 W mat38

- Add new 18 exalt weapons to craft window.

W xun67 W amy67 W bar67 W fay67 W hrm67 W iar67 W ish67 W kil67 W mao67 W mat67 W mna67 W nij67 W oym67 W rod67 W trt67 W vrn67 W wik67 W mim67

- Add new 18 exalt armors to craft window.

A wik67 A vrn67 A trt67 A xun67 A oym67 A nja67 A mim67 A mao67 A mna67 A mat67 A kil67 A ish67 A hrm67 A fay67 A rdb67 A bar67 A amy67 A irn67

- Add new Wiktor skill:

BloodRage BloodRage - Change charge attack to a quick charge with extended range and LVL(100~150)% [dark] dmg.

- Add new Wiktor skill:

LeftCarnage LeftCarnage - Deal 5x STR(0.8~1.0) + TAL(40~60) [thunder][dark] dmg and heal self with the total damage.

- Add new Wiktor skill:

RightChaos RightChaos - Deal STR(1.6~2.0) [thunder][dark] dmg + LVL(50~100)% of the total dmg recieved (reset after used.)

- Add new Troth skill:

SummonScarab SummonScarab - Summon 3 scarab that explode upon contact with enemy with LVL(100~150) [earth] dmg.

- Add new Troth skill:

DeadCatacomb DeadCatacomb - Increase number of summon base on level (max walker 7, watcher 4, scarab 6, Immortal 2).

- Delay XunWu's flameStrike location calculation by 0.2 sec.

- Update many skills cooldown.

- Reduce HallowBaby evasion rate from 33% to 13%.

- Add new double chat box for long message in Arena. (will implement this else where next patch.)

- Change Ranking reward to Vit Anima.

- Fixed Raid boss time counter always reset.

- Fixed Orb counter display incorrect orb in demon slum.

- Again.. so many other fix that we can't remember. lol

Wiktor RightChaos