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191025 HallowTown

T'is the time of the free spirits to roam around. Welcome to Hallow Town, the blue-ish version of Demon slum. This week patch is a quick patch in preparation for the real Halloween event. The real work behind this patch is the up-coming Halloween Dungeon schedule to open next week. For now, you can collect ghost face and trade-in Baal Seal as key for it. (Don't forget to trade in all ghost face before next week.)

Honestly, we are a bit stumped by the last week's Twitch party event. Never expect that it was going to be hard to get streamers to play our game on schedule. But this is a learning lesson, and we'll soon schedule another one soon. Please stay posted!

Patch Log v6.11

- Change Demon Slum to halloween event.

- Added new music, Hallow Town to Demon slum.

- Added Baal Seal to the event shop. (Used as key to all dungeons.)

- Added new six dungeon maps. (close to public.)

- Added new plumpkin to purgatory. (10% ghost face drop)