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191031 HallowPatch

Trouble is brewing in the underworld during halloween this year. More hallow ghosts seem to be harasing purgatory and steal away all the human souls. Someone really need to travel to Hallow Patch and talk to the land lord there to investigate. Best yet, you might get awesome Hallow costume as a reward for your trouble!

So yes the first DemonsAreCrazy's dungeon is now live. The story part is not yet done but we're glad made it in time for halloween, woot! It's actually a miracle we made the whole dungeon, as well as all the systems related to it, in less than two weeks.. lol. We made sure to make it a little difficult to challenge you all, but not too difficult if you prepare yourself well. Since our item system is not yet complete, we reset all demons' HP and MP every time to cross the stage. Hope you all make it to the end.

Happy Halloween to all. ;D

- Bigbug

Patch Note v6.13[ | ]

- Remove and add new event item, hallow cookie and new event shop item list. (To be update next week.)

- Add 2 new halloween accessories, Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Band, that can be traded in event shops.

- Add the first dungeon, Hallow Patch, which can be access through dungeon gate in purgatory. (require one Baal Seal to enter.)

- Add 4 new creeps: Hallow Shade, Hallow Pumpkin, Scare Farmer, Scare Witch.

- Add 1 new Boss: HallowWraith. (detail coming soon to wiki.)

- Add 2 new original sound tracks: Hallow Patch and Armageddon.

- Add new dungeon gate map for accessing dungeon.

- Add 3 new materials drop from Hallow Patch (50% chance for noobic, 100% for humanic, 150% for demonic and 200% for satanic.)

- Add new 12 Hallow Costumes. (The rest will come next week.)