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191108 HallowCostume

The rest of the hallow costumes (Matti, Iaron, RodeoBob, Iaron, Oyama, and Troth) are here! So it's time to go all-out spooky in the underworld. The more exiting news is Killjoy's tier-3 ultimate skill, "deathTrapping" is here. Along with Oyama's and Nija's skills (with some rework of the old ones to make them all stupendous.) Check them out as they're definitely gonna turn these underdog demons around.

The important notice is that, we raise the the level cap to level 30. So we know that those with satanic runes will be very happy... lol. Another important changes is that from now on, all skills on skill tree will need level 2 of prior skill to unlock. (This is the original designed we intended.) We talked with our players and decided not to reset all the current skill-tree because we know it uses a lot of copper to change. So this is optional for those who want to reset it. Just know that you're using a cheating version of the tree. lol

Sadly we didn't get to finish the item system this week as planned, but it's definitely gonna be done next week along with many major changes. For now, we also update new event shop to include some advance enhancement schemas. So don't forget to grab the one you want. ;)

Change Log 6.14[ | ]

- Added Matti, Iaron, RodeoBob, Iaron, Oyama, and Troth Hallow Costume

- Add new item to event shop: chocolate candy and chocolate bar.

- Add new enhance schema to Event shop.

- Add new Mim's skill: ChainLightning - Fire a bolt that bounces 5 times dealing TAL(60~90) [thunder] m.dmg and reduce [thunder] by 20%.

- Add new Nija's skill: GroundSpike - Create a spike field that deals STR(0.3~0.4) dmg to moving enemies for LVL(9~13)s.

- Reworked Nija's skill: BindingChain - Deal 2x STR(0.6~0.8) + TAL(30~45) [dark] dmg and lock enemy down for LVL(2~3)s. (+MoonFire)

- Add new Oyama's skill: StraightCut - Cut a straight line that deals 3x TAL(20~30) e.dmg with current weapon element.

- Add new Oyama's skill: OneAgainstMany - Slash random enemies in front, dealing 7x STR(0.4~0.5) dmg and STR(1.0~1.2) dmg to all.

- Add new Killjoy's skill: DeathTrapping - A card trap that fire with second activation, dealing 4x TAL(100~150) m.dmg with all elements.

- Remove auto-aim for Barbas charge attack.

- Fixed Killjoy's color shuffle attack type from physical to magical, and made it a guaranteed hit.

- Change next week ranking reward to TAL animas.

- Many bug fixed not worth mentioning. lol