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191129 HellFreezeOver

As promised, our second dungeon Twelfth Tale is now open! For those who doesn't know, this is actually a cross-over stage from our studio's old game. We know many fans miss it so this will bring back sweet memories to many local players. It's actually a tons of work getting it into our new game but we tried our best to replicate it to be the exactly how it was, with new after-story. Hope you like it. ;)

Anyhow, it's the 12th month, and the winter blizzard has settled over the underworld. (For those who love to say 'when hell freezes over' - well that time is now. So time to do your promises eh?) We are implementing a new item drop system in the open world, where low level creep will have reduce drop rate for high level-player. This is to force them to go for bigger creeps, and give lower level players a chance at farming.

Anyhoo, happy Black Friday to all! Hope you don't spend too much though. lol.

Patch Note v.6.18[ | ]

- The second dungeon, Twelfth Tale is now open and accessible through the dungeon gate.

- Added 12 new Tail costumes drop from Twelfth Tale dungeon.

- Added 3 new materials drop from Twelfth Tale dungeon.

- Added new anima from Twelfth Tale quest: First Tale - Add 5-15% to wind water, earth and light protection.

- Added new schema for crafting Tail Costume. (Just in case you don't get the one you want.)

- Change Demon Slum and Purgatory Plain to Winter theme.

- Added new winter creeps in the open world, Oluf and Jim Frost.

- Added new hell freezes over event with new event items. (this event will only be here for 2 weeks)

- Add new item drop system, event item will drop less from low level creeps for high level players.

- Update new daily quest rewards.

- Change erase and dispel to buff-status type.

- Remove drop item icon which cause crashes on some machines.

- And so many more....