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191213 ScornOfXmas

Well well well, the end-of-the-year boss are here. The Santa's Reindeers have gone mad because of the unwanted presents from years past. They are super strong but also super simple. While we think it is quite difficult, it could also be easy if you plan your fight well. So get your ice protection gear together and hunt them down! To help with your fight, we decided to extend the Ice Horn event for another week and add new ice-related equipments to the event shop. Hope this will help.

Again, the real X'mas event is postpone to next week, so that we can make it more awesome! SO please wait for it ;)

Patch Note v6.20[ | ]

- Added new special campaign, 'Scorn of Xmas' to WarChamber.

- Added new animas, 'Year's Regret' (add 3-7% ice, water and poison damage) as a conquest reward.

- Added new trinket 'Rudolph's Horn' (Block 20 phy. and mag. damage) as conquest reward.

- Added new accessory Baby Frost (Add 10 ice resist and 5% ice damage) to Event Shop.

- Added 2 ice resistance anima to Event shop.

- Troth's skill Royal Guard is now open.

- Lower Killjoy's Wild card aim delay.

- Adjusted Nija's Fifth heaven damage multiplier.

- Various bugs fixed.