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191220 EveOfMadness

Have you heard of the secret demons party at the eve of X'mas? Well get your hand on the devil pass and talk to Steve for a full blood-bath carnage. (WHo is STEVE? Welll he's the apple guy in the slum.) This will be new demon hunt/ survival arena that will open everyday at 18.00 p.m. and 21.p.m. for one hour. (extra round on week ends at 15.00 pm.) Winner will get Xmas boxes proportion to his kills. (max five box per entrance.)

Patch Note v6.22[ | ]

- Change Demon slum and Open world to X'mas theme.

- Added new Eve of Madness Arena that will open everyday at 18.00 p.m. and 21.00 p.m.

- Added new Xmas Box that let you gain random items when thrown into flame altar.

- Added new collectible baby boss pets as a reward from burning xmas box.

- Add devil pass and xmas boxes to Event shop.

- Prevent Wiktor from having invincible status while in satanic mode.

- Add +dark to all Menalisa's dark debuff damage.

- Add charm chance to Menalisa's kiss.

- So many more fixes.