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191227 HellynewYear

Its finally the last week of 2019! This patch we bring you the ultimate Raid Boss of the year, the Santa-Kin a.k.a. the delivery-boy santa. He will be roaming the purgatory plain in place of all other raid bosses for one week. He is very different from all other bosses so far as he doesn't attack you at all. However, that doesn't make him easy. In fact, he can be the hardest boss ever. So you all really have to come up with a way to defeat him for the grand prize.

More in the patches are new 7 skills which complete 3 more demons' tier 3 kit (Iaron, Mim and Amy). Hope you like them. We also fixed many bugs and extended the Eve OF Madness for another week. (WIll be reduce to only one round - 20.00 pm on week day and two round -14.00pm and 20.00 pm on Weekends.) There will be no ranking reward this week, as it will be added up to next week for our special prizes.

Happy New Year to All, best of wishes!

Patch Note v4.62[ | ]

- Add new raid boss: Santa-Kin to purgatory plain.

- Add New Year Box as a reward from Santa-Kin.

- Add new Mim's tier-3 skill : PsychoBomb - Change n.attack to 10 bombing projectiles with STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(20~30) [water] m.dmg.

- Add new Mhaou's native skill : LastBreath - Prevent fatal damage when Mhaou's HP is above 13%. (Reduce hp to 1.)

- Add new Amy's tier-3 skill : HolySword - Add TAL(10~15) dmg to ally's [light] phy.attack and change its n.attack to [light] for 15s.

- Add new Amy's tier-3 skill: SealOfFaith - Continuously deals TAL(50~75) [light] m.dmg to enemies in 24m and reduce [light] resist by 50%.

- Add new Amy's tier-3 skill: LightBringer - Heal HLG(1000~1500) to target ally or deal TAL(200~300) [light] m.dmg to target enemy.

- Add new Iaron's tier-3 skill: Impregnable - Passively gives Iaron LVL(66~100)% chance to block all dehancements.

- Add new Iaron's tier-3 skill: FinalVerdict - Deal STR(3.0~4.0) [earth] dmg and reduce target's STR and DEX by LVL(55~80) for 13s.

- Change Amy's ShieldRush to give ally shield instantly on use.

- Fixed Troth's RoyalGuard irregular follow position.

- Fixed collision on Ishtar' buff skill.

- Fixed many bugs on Armor's weight.