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200110 GourmetMarket

It's another year in the underworld! We have many exiting stuffs line up for you this year. But first thing first. This week we added new open-pve map, Gourmet Market. Inside, you can hunt all gluttony materials for all your crafting need. You can access it by giving Ichijo (the noodle guy) a hunter pass. Four more open-pvp are coming soon after this. New expert quest and expert shop will also follow soon.

We also upgraded our game to the latest version of unreal. All codes optimised and all models in the game now have multiple level of detail. So the game should be running even smoother now. We also updated many part of the game and will be adding many cool features later.

Last but not least, it's actually children day locally. So we added new shop event called "Toy Day". You can trade wind-up key dropped from open-world for new toy weapon that deals rainbow elements (detailed below.)

A side note, we are experiencing problem with the our Iron-cast Wiktor. So it will be deferred to later time. Instead, we gave our top-rank players contender anima instead. After this we'll be implementing new ranking reward system that give out better reward monthly.

Thanks for all your help last year. Let's make this year rock! :)

Patch Note v4.25[ | ]

- Added new open-pve map: Gourmet Market. Creep inside will have random levels and drop materials from Gluttony realm.

- Add new creeps: Toy Soldier and Toy Bear to purgatory.

- Add new pass: Hunter Pass.

- Change event shop to toy day event and add four new toy weapons to it. (More are coming next week.)

- Added new element: Rainbow and new status rainbowUp and rainbowDown. (Their effect are equal to having fire+water+wind+water+earth+ice+poison elements).

- Added LOD (Level of details) to all characters. Far away models will have reduced polygons and disable cloth system.

- Add high-detail grass to Purgatory and Gluttony. Players with high material setting will have a new shader that bend the grass as demons or bosses walk by.

- Changed max speed of Verin's devil cyclone from 600ms to 1300ms.

- Changed Menalisa's heart breaker effect to light element.

- Updated Unreal Engine from v4.20 to v4.24, vs 2015 to 2017 and clang v6.00 to clang v8.00.

- Many more adjustment and bugs fixed.

- Some fonts are currently bugged and some sounds are missing.