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200124 LunarNY&VolcanicFort

Lunar New Year and Volcanic Fort[ | ]

DRC's Lunar New Year patch is here. (Yes demons celebrate this event in the underworld too. But for different gruesome reason. lol) The third PVE map for wrath materials is open now. As well as new-and-final tier-3 skills for Wiktor and RodeoBob.

We also open a preview of the expert shop, which will trade for special item called kosmos. You will be able to get this item from the expert quest coming very soon. (New satanic weapons are also coming to this shop.)

Happy Chinese New Year and hope you all lucky-lucky-cookie all year round!

Patch Note v6.27[ | ]

- Add new PVE map, Volcanic Fort. (can be access from Ichijo with hunter pass)

- Change Demon Slum to Lunar new year theme.

- Add new creeps in Open Plain map (Xianan and Xianta.)

- Add new event trade item. Screaming Orange.

- Add new Ang Pao item to event shop, where you can burn it for ???

- Add smiley head, a new accessory in the event shop. (Appear when put in trinket slot 1)

- Add all charms to event shop for trade.

- Add preview of the new expert shop which will trade with new item called kosmos. (Can be access from new NPC next tp event shop)

- Add new Wiktor's tier-3 skill: BloodFang - Increase normal attack's heal rate by additional LVL(10~20)%.

- Add new Wiktor's tier-3 skill: Revivify - Increase all heal recieve by LVL(66~100)%.

- Add new RodeoBob's tier-3 skill: DemolitionCharge - Plant a tnt, dealing TAL(50~75) dmg to all (x4 to structures) after 4 sec (max 6).

- Add new RodeoBob's tier-3 skill: RidingShotgun - Change normal attack to shotgun for LVL(5~10) times, dealing wide area of damage.

- Add new RodeoBob's tier-3 skill: RemoteTrigger - Delay all planted bombs by LVL(60~120)s or immediately detonate them with this skill activation.

- Reorder and update RodeoBob's skills (reload is now called skill reload.)

- Fixed Ishtar incorrectly summon more plant than her skill limit.

- Add RuyiRodStrike and FireCinder to XunWu's flame servents.

- So many more fixed and re-balancing.

link on steam: