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200207 SeasonOfLove

Feb 7th - Season Of Love[ | ]

It's the month of romance, and the Heaven's love army is back to convert all the demons to their side! Hunt them down for choco weapons, which is one of the coolest (and most annoying) items in the game. This patch is also Tank's heaven as we complete tier-3 skills of the two big tank in the game, Mhaou and Hermont. Hopefully, they will help you clear all the harder contents.

Important news is that, we're in the process of making the new open world, with many more unique area, fixed creeps, town quest, raid boss quest as well as event quest. So hold on to your breath as thing are about to get even more fun!


Patch Note v6.30[ | ]

- Re-open Valentine Event (from beta) with trade item: Wing heart.

- Added all chocolate weapons and valentine anima to event shop.

- Purgatory now has a 50% chance to spawn Eros in place of normal raid boss.

- Added more items to expert shop and Kshapon.

- Added XunWu's satanic bar to Expert shop.

- Add new Equipment Anima: Equip King I-V (Increase all equipment stats by 6-30%)

- Add new Mhaou's Tier-3 Skill: MalletBash - Deal [earth] dmg and hate equal to LVL(20~30)% of Mhaou's current HP.

- Add new Mhaou's Tier-3 Skill: ArmorWall - Passively increases Mhaou's VIT from equipment by LVL(50~100)%.

- Add new Hermont's Tier-3 Skill: ColdBlitz - Deals STR(1.0~1.2) + TAL(50~75) [ice] dmg and gain 6s barrier with TAL(130~200) HP if hits.

- Add new Hermont's Tier-3 Skill: SnowPath - Gives sprint the ablity to create snow trails, LVL(40~100)% chance of slowing enemies for 2s.

- Add new Hermont's Tier-3 Skill: MightyGuard - Charge to reduce LVL(50~90)% damage to all allies in 6m range.

- Old purgatory map has been updated. Demon Slum south west exit will now link directly to Purgatory Gate map.

- Fixed Aldente not respwning in Gourmet Market.

- Fixed Expert shop not displaying Kosmos number.

- Fixed Kosmos icon missing.

- Fixed summons get random level in Material Hunt maps.

- So many more bug fixed as usual.

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