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200214 LoveSupreme

Feb 14th - Love Supreme[ | ]

God of Love, Eros wants to invite all of you to his secret love party... of death! It's a new open arena where players are divided up into five teams and fight to survive. As requested, we also brought back Choco Heart campaign from beta, and added kosmos as the final satanic conquest reward.

We also updated the new open-world maps, opening many new areas that will be soon come into used. So hold your breath, as the new open quests are almost here. (Sorry, no pictures, 'cuz we don't want to spoil all the fun. Hope you have fun exploring them.)

Happy Valentine to all. <3

Patch Note v.631[ | ]

- Update Purgatory Wall and add new open map, Purgatory Cliff.

- Add new Skull Altars to open world. (No use yet.)

- Add new creep, Lost Bone to open world.

- Add new 5-team open arena, Love Supreme. (all demon start at lv14, require devil pass.)

- Add new item Rose Bouquet as Love Supreme reward (one every 3 kills.) It can be thrown into flame altar for random items.

- Add new legendary trinket Blood Rose, dropping from Rose Bouquet (5%). (+10 VIT, +20 WATER, + 20 EARTH, +20 WIND, -35 DARK.)

- Reopen Choco-Heart Campaign from beta and add new satanic conquest with Kosmos reward.

- Reduced mp used from Hermont's MightyGuard.

- Change all damage mitigation effect to be calculated after damage calculation.

- Fixed Devil Chef not spawning in Gourmet Market.

- Fixed wrong conquest requirement for Kosmos (no death x3 instead of x1.)

- Update and added Elemental Resist to old event accessories.

- Many many more bug fixes as usual.

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