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200221 OpenWorldQuest

Feb 21th - OpenWorldQuest[ | ]

This patch we introduce the all new Open World Quest System. Players can now get side rewards for kill creeps, or lighting the skull altar in the open world. (Current quests are simplified for early testing. They will be changed next week, with many more unique rewards.) To access open world quest, simply talk to Boni in demon slum to open job board.

Coming with Open world are two new death-army units. They are highly difficult, so watch out if you have to go near them. We also added last two tier-3 skills for Verin and one more of Fay. Enjoy!

Patch Note v6.32[ | ]

- Add new JobBoard to Demon Slum. (Talk to Boni in the Pub.)

- Add new conquest, for total demon slum job complete. (Kosmos as later reward.)

- Add three new monsters to purgatory: FooFoo, Undead Solder and Eremite.

- Add Ekkling and Krowling to purgatory.

- Add five more satanic weapons to expert shop.

- Add new team flag items to Free Shop in Soul Tower (Cannot be used now, item system will come next week.)

- Add new Tier-3 Verin's skill: RollingCombo - Perform a 17-hit combo, dealing STR(0.5~0.6) dmg with 10% increase to each hit with 50% phy. evasion.

- Add new Tier-3 Verin's skill: Victory Punch - Allow Verin to overcharge his Charged Knuckle, extending its maximum damage and range by (400~600)%.

- Add new Tier-3 Fay's skill: Master Of Elements - Lower target's [rainbow] resistance by LVL(33~50)% and add [rainbow] protection to Fay for 13s.

- Update and add 50% evasion to Verin's native skill: Footwork - Gives Verin ability to side step with double movement tab, giving him 50% phy. evasion.

- Fixed overflowing icons in Flea Market.