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200228 FieldItemUpdate

Feb 28th - Field Item Update[ | ]

It's the item update patch! Finally we got the item system working in campaign and open world. Hopefully, this will help all of you to overcome even more difficult quests. Simple click on the side item bar in demon altar menu to open the new equip field item menu. (We couldn't finish the one in WarAltar, but it should be coming next week.) We also added many new field items for you to buy in Soul Tower.

This patch also add new awesome tier-3 skills for Nija, Killjoy and Fay and update and balancing many skills. They are really nice. Don't forget to check it out. nfortunately, we just found out that there was a bug in our valentine arena item and no one could get the Blood Rose trinket. So we're adding the valentine bouquet to the event shop and extending the valentine event for another week. Next week, hopefully - we'll be opening the Death City, a more difficult part of the open world. So keep your eye peel for it.


Patch v6.33[ | ]

- Add new equip fieild item menu to DemonAltar. (click on side item bar to open.)

- Add 4 new field item to money shop: Stat Booster - temporary increase stat by 66 for 30s.

- Add 3 new field item to money shop: Phy/Def/Mag Booster - increase phy/def/mag by 20% for 60s.

- Add 9 new field item to money shop: Elemental Drinks - increase 30% elemental resistance for 60s.

- Add valentine chocolate and valentine bouquet to Event Shop

- Add 4 new satanic weapons to Expert Shop

- Add new effect to old satanic weapons.

- Update job rewards with new items

- Add new Killjoy's ter-3 skill: All Out Burst - Throws cards on the floor and deals random rainbow elements 10xTAL(40~60) to enemies in the area.

- Add new Killjoy's tier-3 skill: Quick Change - Heal LVL(10~15)% MHP, remove all elemental status and add random LVL(33~50)% opposing elements buff / debuff for 60s.

- Add new Nija's tier-3 skill: Delta Strike - Place a seal that when formed into a triangle, deal TAL(200~300) [light][wind][dark] mag.dmg.

- Add new Nija's tier-3 skill: RiteOfDuality - Remove all buffs from target and give them to self. Remove all debuff from self and give them to target.

- Add new Fay's tier-3 skill: GalacticStorm - Channel (20mp/s) meteor shower onto target area, dealing TAL(100~150) magical dmg/sec.

- Fixed Verin's victory punch having double intended damage.

- Update Amy's skill: SealOfFaith - Continuously deals TAL(50~75) [light] m.dmg to enemies and heal HLG[50~75] hp to allies in 24m.

- Update Amy's skill: LightBringer - Deal TAL(200~300) [light] m.dmg to target enemy and reduce its [light] resist by LVL(33~50)%.

- Update Rodeo Bob's skill: RidingShotgun - Change n.attack to shotgun for LVL(5~10) times, dealing area damage based on distance.

- Temporary add new stat command (press-r) to list all status.

- Add number key to Flame alter menu.

- Fixed many more bugs...