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200305 VirusOutbreak

Mar 5th - Virus Outbreak[ | ]

Shocking news, the corona virus has spread to the the underworld. Lord Judge had issued a quarantine order of the Soul Tower and ask that all available demon help out by killing the virus and Covid bat in the open world. Don't forget to wear your mask, as they help lower the chance of inflicting with the flu disease. All demons can trade them for free at the event shop with the corona crown item.

This patch also introduce and last set of very unique tier-3 skill for Oyama, Matti and Barbas. Hope you like them. Only one tier-3 skill for Oyama remains.) We also had to delay the death city for another week.

Lastly, don't forget to wash your demon and human hand if you don't want to be the next super spreader. };D

Patch Note v6.34[ | ]

- Add new event to event shop, and new event item corona crown. (Last until March 20th.)

- Add new field items: serum and medicine. (Remove and prevent phy.debuff)

- Add two new accessories: surgical mask and virus mask. (Add poison resist and block poison and venom status. Appear when put in acc.slot1)

- Add job resetting tab to job board and add new item: Job contract. (Used to reset and random new job list.)

- Add new satanic weapons for Hermont, Menalisa and Mim.

- Add two new Event creep: Corona and Covid Bat to Purgatory. (15 and 35% event item drop chance.)

- Add new open world beast: Dune.

- Update and add new effects for all field items.

- Add new Oyama tier-3 skill: OnePerfectSlash - Change c.attack to charging action, adding xLVL(1.f~1.5f)/s (max xLVL(10~15)) and releasing it with next n.attack.

- Add new Matti tier-3 skill: FanaticTenacity - Double Matti's MP regen rate and gives him LVL(60~90)% chance of HP lock at 23% MHP.

- Add new Matti tier-3 skill: MidnightMurder - Tag and warp both target enemy demon and Matti to a special dark dimension for LVL(13~18) sec.

- Add new Barbas tier-3 skill: OrbitalStrike - Continuously deals up to 40x TAL(100~150) [light]/[thunder] m.dmg in a controlable area. (icon is switch with Orbital Ray)

- Lower Fay's Galactic Storm power to LVL(90-135.)

- Fixed Hermont's mighty guard effect not increase by skill level and update it to (60-90) mitigation.

- FIxed Soldier Bone's shield not deflecting physical attack.

- Add EXP sharing to open world. (Only when players use flag items to join team.)

- Fixed Dungeon Gate Camera reset.

- Many many more bug fixed.