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200313 DeathCityPreview

Mar 13th - Death City Preview[ | ]

Well well well, death gate is finally open. You now can journey to Death City and visit the Hell's Death Army at their home. This is actually a preview as it's not 100% complete yet. We will be adding the missing parts and new monsters for it next week. Be prepare though, as all the undead creep will also be move inside Death City next week. (New monsters will be replacing their place in the outside world.)

We are almost there, as there's only one OpenWorld map left before we update the open world quest and, finally re-launch our game. So hang in there fellow demons, and don't forget to wash your hand. For now, don't forget to trade in the new anima called Pandemic coming with this patch. :)

Patch Note v6.35[ | ]

- Add new open world map: Death City. (Enter from Purgatory Cliff.)

- Add new story character: Death God (temporary name.)

- Add new anima to Event shop: Pandemic (Increase poison and venom status duration by 20-40%.)

- Add two new satanic weapons to Expert Shop. (Ishatar and Iaron)

- Add new tier 3 Oyama's skill: IttoRyu - Passively increases Oyama's DEX from equipment by LVL(50~100)%.

- Fixed Mhaou's skill Armor Wall not having effect in game.

- Lower XunWu's Fire Ball Effect damage.

- Lower all anima equipment cost by 1 level.

- Added all gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and pride's armor schemas to money shop.

- Lower Ishtar's Venom Cloud effect on summon by half and lower status duration to 23 sec.

- Fixed Scale of Eidolon crash when jumping.

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