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200320 DeathKnightChallenge

Mar 20ht - Death Knight Challenge[ | ]

Death Knight, the captain of death army is challenging you to one on one duel. Will you accept the challenge? This is a new war chamber campaign that you can test how well you fight alone. We also open the purgatory cave as a preview in this patch. This patch is more of a intermediary patch. Many more monsters are coming next patch along with the new open world quests. So please be on the look out for them next week.

For now, please follow the social distance rule. Simply lock yourself in and enjoy the game. };D

Patch Note v6.36[ | ]

- Add new campaign - Death Knight Challenge. (accessible from war chamber.)

- Add new open map - Purgatory cave (preview version; accessible from 3 entrances scatter through out purgatory plain)

- Add new battle music - Onslaught.

- Many many more internal changes, which will take effect next patch.

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