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200327 MonsterPatch

Mar 27th - Monster Patch[ | ]

Monster Patch is here! Sorry for the hic-hup delay yesterday. As the name suggested, this patch contains huge number of new monster for you to hunt, with additional new open world materials. (They will be used in the incoming patch, we are waiting for a few more monsters and materials.) Unfortunately, we couldn't finish the new open world quests in time, so that will also be coming next patch along with the summer event.

ps. This is actually the work from home patch for us. (except for Bigbug Admin, too complicate to move.) Time to distance yourself and show the real-world corona who's the boss. ;)

Patch Note v6.37[ | ]

- Remove Corona event.

- Add new monster, 'Corbus' to Purgatory Wall.

- Add new monster, 'Gyps' to Purgatory Bridge.

- Add new monster, 'Undead Soldier' to Purgatory Desert.

- Add new monster, 'Undead Axe' to Death City.

- Add new monster, 'Mysthic' to Purgatory Cave.

- Add new monster, 'Stone Golem' to Purgatory Cave.

- Add new monster, 'Stone Titan' to Purgatory Cave.

- Add new materials to all open world monsters with 23% drop chance. (Some may be previous event items.)

- Move corona and Pox to purgatory cave.

- Added new quests for all monster in open world.

- Added new Undead monster category.

- Remove guaranteed critical damage from Killjoy's laughing comedian.

- Add water skull altar and move poison skull altar to Purgatory Cave.

- Add new Demon Altars to open plain but due to some unforeseen bug, it is close for now.

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