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200403 SummerHeat

Apr 3rd - Summer Heat[ | ]

Can you believe it? It's already summer time! We have a lot of stuffs plan this months; new summer fashion, new beach arena and many more exiting items! (Well we would be working much faster if the weather wasn't so darn hot..) For now, the new melon monster will kick off the event in the open world, along with new summer items, various bug fixed and balance. So stay out of the sun and corona, and enjoy!

ps. Another quick note is that, we are adding new anima crafting menu soon. So don't throw away lower animas just yet.

Patch Note v6.38[ | ]

- Add new Summer Event to town event shop.

- Add new event beast, Melom and event Item - Summer Slice.

- Add new summer set for Wiktor, XunWu and Matti.

- Add new schema for Summer Set to Event Shop. (Only above three summer set available for now.)

- Add new usable item - summer drink to event shop (instantly return 200 mp.)

- Add new summer animas (Add 4-10% light, fire, water and wind protection.)

- Added new beast to Purgatory Plain - Dekko.

- Added new beast to Purgatory Plain - Rhonos.

- Added new town quests and materials drop from Dekko and Rhonos.

- Added Matti's Satanic knife to expert shop.

- Updated mini maps for Purgatory Plain, Purgatory Wall, Purgatory Cliff, Purgatory Gate, Purgatory Cave, and Death City.

- All arenas now give out positive rank for losing team.

- Update Spirit tree in Purgatory Cave.

- Removed duplicate Thunder Skull altar in purgatory plain.

- Lowered Killjoy's wild card debuff duration from 6 sec to 3 sec.

- Lowered XunWu's Agni Incarnate status buff and cool down by half.

- Rodeo Bob's Crates of Kaboom now calculate damage upon placement. (to prevent double crates and satanic combo.)

- Update Oyama's StraightCut - Cut a straight line that deals 3x TAL(40~60) e.dmg with current weapon element.

- Update Oyama's TornadoSlash - Deals 6 x STR(0.2~0.3) + TAL(20~30) [wind] dmg and reduce wind resistance by LVL(30~45)% for 13s.

- Reduce Mim's DemonClone CD to 30 sec.

- Fixed XunWu cannot charge to refill MP to max after buff.

- Fixed Immortal cannot be summoned.

- Fixed Undead Axe not spawning.

- Fixed Demon Altar bug in open world.

- Remove cookies from demon slum floor.