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200410 SummerParadise

Apr 10th - Summer Paradise[ | ]

The real summer patch is here! The heat completely taken over the underworld, as you will notice that the DemonSlum and open world is now engulfed in desert heat. Fret not, you can escape to deserted tropical island on human world. It's actually a mini open arena (At first it was a beach rugby, but heck we thought we should change pace amid corona crisis. So instead, it's now a co-op mini game where you bounce the ball in the air as many times to get cool reward.) The arena will be open at 17.00pm and 20.00 pm everyday and extra round on Holliday at 14.00 pm.

There is also a new secret open world boss call UnderTaker that will randomly spawn on all purgatory plain maps. You only have 3 minutes to beat him before he disappear, so give it your best if you spot him!

Patch Note v6.39[ | ]

- Change DemonSlum and open world to Summer Theme.

- Add new open arena: Summer Paradise (can be accessed via Steve with devil pass.)


- Add new music: SummerSlum and SummerParadise.

- Add new item - Summer Coconut (throw into flame alter to get random reward)

I smb1

- Add new pet: Mini Melom (Add 5% water damage and 10 water protection)

T trk8

- Add new summer cloth (Fay, Verin, Troth, Iron, Amy, RodeoBob)

A fay15A vrn15A trt15A irn15A amy15A rdb15

- Add new open world secret creep - UnderTaker

- Add new open world material drop from UnderTaker: Tomb Fragment

M prg9

- Add Satanic Gatling to Expert shop.

W rdb71

- Update all satanic weapons effects and increase total stats to sum of 45.

- Add damage force to Iaron's Defensive Push.

- Fixed Mhaou's vitality bond still working after Mhaou is dead.

- Baby Suriya and Baby Mister S now add fire and poison element damage and protection instead of light and dark.

- BigBug Balloon and BlueBug Balloon now add +5% and +3& all elements protection.

- Again, many many more fixes that we don't really remember..