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200501 FallenRiver

Well well well, it's finally new month and the fifth and final (for now) open-pve map is here. Forsaken angels from the last Armageddon is still roaming in the war wreckage under Pride Colosseum. So get some hunter pass and let's do some angel hunting, fellow demons! We also reduce many Amy's and Troth's heal output but also reduce their cool down for better game balance. Oyama's Last stance will now also work on both demons and all creeps.

Our apology for no update last week due to Bigbug Admin's dislocated shoulder. Summer event is extended for one more week because we couldn't get the new event is time. Good news is, it's completely heal now. So expect awesome game-polishing updates and bug fixing this month. :)

Patch Note v6.43[ | ]

- Add fifth material hunt map which is now open on Friday-Sunday. (Accessible from ichijo in Demon Slum.)

- Add four new angels, Erel, Holy Knight, Holy Monk, and Hybris.

- Add new satanic accessory to Expert Shop: Soul Collector - increase over soul by 1 every 23s.

- Add new satanic accessory to Expert Shop: Life Hack- increase EXP gain from creeps by 13%.

- Add new satanic accessory to Expert Shop: Treasure Compas - increase item drop rate by 6%.

- Update Amy's skill: QuickHeal - Heal all allies in the 8m area around Amy for HLG(100~150) hp.

- Update Amy's skill: LayOnPaw - Heal target ally for HLG(200~300) hp or deal [light] TAL(100~150) dmg to enemy.

- Update Amy's skill: ChimeraEmbrace - Heals all demon allies by LVL(30~45)% of their MHP and give them +LVL(30~45) all stats for 13 sec.

- Update Troth's skill: ForbiddenSanctuary - Deals [light] TAL(100~150) m.dmg to enemies or heals allies for HLG(200-300) in target area.

- Update Troth's skill: Illuminate - Gradually return LVL(40~60)% of MHP, MMP and MSP to target ally over 60s.

- Update Troth's skill: Resurrection - Cast status that auto-revive 35~50% HP to target ally within 90 seconds (double for summons.)

- Update Oyama's skill: LastStance - Deals LVL(25~35)% of Oyama's MHP to himself and all enemies in the 20m area (double for non-demons).