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200515 SakuraBonsho

Have you heard of the demon bell in the sakura garden? East wind whispers an ancient tale about its life-stealing tower. Time to enter the secret sakura garden and put it into good use. Open arena is back. So get your devil pass and join the fray to prove your killing skillz!

As you probably could have guess, we had to delay the third dungeon to next week since we wasted a lot of time optimising the server and doing many behind-the-door work. Good news is, there should be no more hic-hup which should reduce lag time by considerable amount. Anyhow we also add new yukata set to the event shop as an apology. They are really cool and hope you like it.

ps. Another important note is the new money type a.k.a.-'SILVER'. This will replace all copper money which will only be used in Arena to avoid confusion.

Patch Note v.645[ | ]

- Added new free-for-all open arena, "Sakura Bonsho" which can be accessed from Steve in DemonSlum. (requires devil pass.)

- Added new arena reward sakura box. (You get one additional box every 4 kills.)

- Added Mini Koi pet as a sakura box special reward. (Add 15%wind-water protection and 7% evasion.)

- Added new yukata set to Event Shop. (It can be equipped by all demons.)

- Add new money type: 'silver' and replace all non-arena gui with it.

- Added new dedicate cpu thread to handle server network.

- Added new asset loader on client to reduce start-up loading time.

- Updated Iaron run-attack and jump-attack effect and sounds.

- Added new fog system which will replace most fogs in next patch.