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200522 SunkenPalace

The secret locations of the Sunken Palace has been revealed to the under world. So time to go and conquer new land and add it to Hell's army. Its ruler, the water dragon princess will probably resist. But we're sure its something our demons can surely handle.

Heya sorry for the delay but yes, our third dungeon is now open! We do intend to make this dungeon very hard, since our demons have so many tricks up their sleeve. So just be prepared for it. Side note is that, there will be a new materials trade-in shop coming this Friday. So keep all those materials you have been gathering safe. They might suddenly become very valuable. ;)

Patch Note v6.46[ | ]

- Added new dungeon Sunken Palace to Dungeon gate (requires one Ball Seal to enter.)

- Added new God - Otohime.

- Added new four new beasts, SeaOyster, SeaPuffer, SeaHorse, SeaTurtle.

- Added new materials drop from Sunken Palace.

- Added new anima, Ukiyo I-IV - (Add HP and MP regen by 10-20%.)

- Add new fog and update most maps in the game.

- Update damage calcuation such that damage with combined protection beyond 100% will become a heal instead.

- Lower Oyama's last stance radius to 18m.

- Lower Amy's Light Bringer Damage from TAL(250-400) back to TAL(200-300.)

- Lower RodeoBob's shot gun range to 20m.

- Add headshot to Barbas's change attack. (trigger crit when aimed at upper part.)

- Fixed GameIcon not showing end animation and effect.

- Again, many more bug fixes are coming in the next patch. So wait for it. :)