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200529 CollectorShop

Our newest features, Collector Shop is now live. From now you can trade in your items with various NPCs through out the the underworld. (More are coming next week.) Elemental Orbs, extremely powerful and nifty accessories are also included in this patch. They change your weapon to its respective elements, so don't for get to trade for them.

Side note is that our game is undergoing polishing process. So expect things to change in the next few weeks. New event is also coming next week, so last chance to complete and trade in all your event items. :)

Patch Note v6.48[ | ]

- Added new collector shop to DeathKing in Death City and BlowFish in Sunken City.

- Add nine new elemental orbs accessories that change weapon elements and grant normal attacj additional 13% aoe damage.

- Update Mhaou's Anima, Kakistocracy I-IV: Add 4-10 fire and earth protection and block 10-25 phy.damage.

- Update Hermont's Anima, Dispassion I-IV: Add 4-10 ice and wind protection and block 10-40 magical damage.

- Update Barbas's Anima, Electrocute I-IV: Add 4-10% thunder dmg and 5-20% thunder protection.

- Update Veron's Anima, Frozen I-IV: Add 4-10% ice dmg and 5-20% ice protection.

- Added Open PvP and Open Hunt sign on top of Steve and Ichojo in Demon Slum.

- Change magic damage to pinkish red color.

- Added summoning animation to all undeads.

- Many many more bug fixes and updates.