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200605 DreamCatcher

It's the new-normal patch! All underworld's default map has been updated and looking hellishly beautiful. From now on, all creeps inside opw will also be randomly scaled from 60-200%. This will also affect all raid bosses and increase their chance to drop better rewards. (Well if you can kill them anyhow.) The new event, dream catcher is also here. New dream weapon set will be coming next week along with many new things. So don't forger to hunt the two dream duos for event items.

Big note is, we are implementing Steam's auto vac banning next week. So don't cheat, not even in hell. Cuz the punishment might be even harsher. lol

Patch Note v6.49[ | ]

- Added new open world level scaling system. All mobs' level, stats, exp, and item drop rate will be randomly scaled from 60% to 200%.

- All open world raid boss's level, stats, exp, and item drop rate will be randomly scaled from 100% to 200% when spawned.

- Revert and all maps to new default theme.

- Added two new creeps, dream sheep and dream goat (fun-dee and fun-rai.)

- Added new event to event shop and add new event item, dream wool.

- Added three new accessories to event shop. (New dream weapons are coming next week.)

- Added new status: sleep - disable until receive new damage and gradually heal hp.

- Added new status: nightmare - disable until receive new damage and receive dark effect damage.

- Added new trade shop in purgatory. (Accessing through Demon Cult sitting near the combat circle.)

- Added two new field items to trade shop in purgatory: erase pot and dispel pot,

- Added new elemental accessories to money shop.

- Move some of the old accessories from money shop to free shop.

- Change Death Knight's final kosmos quest to win with no damage.

- Updated and added new signs to TownQuest, EventShop and FleaMarket.

- Add delay to Siegebot's attack in 12Tail dungeon.

- Fixed XunWu's flame servant and Mim's Demon clone initialised incorrectly.

- Disarm status now will prevent and cancel charge attack.

- Update many in-game sfx and many many more fixes...