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200612 NemesisDescension

Attention!, the mighty alien call "Nemesis" has breached the Underworld's dimension and landed on the purgatory plain. All demons opting for Satan throne should show your capacity by chasing it away. Special: during this first week, there's a 66% chance that Nemesis will replace all regular raid bosses. Well, someone mentioned to us that they miss fighting the Nemesis from 12Tails, so surprise! :) This will be a polished but almost the exact match of the old Nemesis. He's actually not hard, just a lot of HP. So plan accordingly.

Side note, due to Amazon Cloud's Sea Server being faulty this week, we sadly lost three days of working to fight it. So, we couldn't get much of other planned features in this week. We're sorry for all your struggles with the sea server too. We're trying our best to get Amazon to investigate the issue so that this won't happens again in the future. ANyhoW, our game still has come a long way this week. So hope you like them and expect good things to come next week. }:D

Patch Note v6.50[ | ]

- Add Nemesis to Purgatory Plain with 66% chance to spawn in place of other raid bosses.

- Add new anima "Nemesis I-IV" which add 5-20 all stats but reduce non-dark protection by 2-5%

- Add new 11 cloud weapons to Event shop which add 23% accuracy to all physical attacks. (The rest are coming next week.)

- Add new sleep animations for all demons and replace rest emotion with new icon. (alt-z)

- Add new raid boss materials, "Nemesis Egg" drop from Nemesis.

- Add new craft material, "Cursed Skull" drop from Death Knight campaign.

- Add eight new enhancement schemas to free shop and money shop. ( +%atk +%def +%mag, and +%spd)

- Free Shop and money shop will now only show items according to your player ranks.

- Add ten new enchantment schemas to trade shops. (+%crt. +%acr +%evd, +%hlg and +%sum )

- Increase Wind Weapon's evasion from 4% to 6%.

- Fixed projectile cannot fire inside Barbas' force Barrier.

- Fixed incorrect random level range in open hunt maps.

- Lower creep's level requirement for all open hunt quests.

- Add un-equip button to Equip Window inside Armory Chamber.

- Add sort button to Vault Window (which will permanently sort your item by type.)

- Add sort button to FlameAltar in demon slum. (this only temporary sort your item.)

- Add new Expert shop sign on top of KIY in DemonSlum.

- Added the missing fire barrels to DemonSlum.

- Again, many many more changes and updates.