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200619 HoarderHunt

Have you heard the rumour? Some demons living in Hoarders' Hell (a part of Sloth realm) has contracted a deadly vampire virus. So much for social distancing. It's time for a more aggressive approach. All available demons please report in and join a task force to help kill the infected demons. There's a special rewards for those who help hunt them down. (Summoning is not allow in this stage.)

We also added the Steamwork's Vac to both our client and servers in this patch. While the banned is not immediate (unless you're already banned from other game), as we are waiting for licensing from our vac-partners. But it will be triggered any day now. This should help deter those pesky hackers from trying to cheat. Please be careful, since this is automated service from Steamwork (it will detects if you have cheat programs installed.), and we have no control over it. So don't get banned. lol

Patch Note v.651[ | ]

- Added new Open PVP map: Hoarder Hunt. (Accessible from demon slum with devil pass.)

- Added new vampire status, which add 66 to all status and 23% hp-mp drain.

- Added new Vampire Heart as reward for every 2 kills in Hoarder Hunt. (throw into Flame Altar to get random rewards.)

- Added new pets: Mini Dream Sheep dropped from Vampire Heart. (Add 15% healing and 15% light protection.)

- Added new pets: Mini Dream Goat dropped from Vampire Heart. (Add 15% summon and 15% dark protection.)

- Added the remaining cloud weapons to Event Shop.

- Add three new skin colours to each demon. (Random via random paint bucket.)

- Add Steamwork's authentication and verification on both client and server.

- Fixed DeathKnight campaign not giving out treasure boxes at the end of mission complete.

- Fixed(*?) Nemesis transorming randomly crashed the server.

- Fixed Matt's lamp wrong summon initiation.

- Fixed accuracy not working as intended.

- And many more bug fixed and tweak.

  • (This is still under investigation.)