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200703 BlackBaronBloodRain

Summary[ | ]

It's the new demon and the new event patch! Black Baron, a venom expert has returned from his operation in human world, to enter the underworld election. He is the uber FPS debuffer, so if you like his style - check him out. The Blood Rain event is also added with the new blood weapon set which drain HP from your enemy. Don't miss this weapon as it's definitely one of the best effect in the game.

Next patch, we'll be bringing in a another healer demon. SO, farm some gold ppl! ;)

Patch Note v6.52[ | ]

- Change open world to new event theme and add new event creeps: Nosoi.

- Add new event item Blood Snail.

- Add 18 new Blood Weapons that grant normal attack drain HP effect.

- Add new Demon: Black Baron to Summon Altar.

- Add new Black Baron's native skill: Venom Luger - Gives normal attack 13% chance to inflict venom for 3s with 10% of its damage. (Stack)

- Add new Black Baron's native skill: Lock On - Use charge attack to lock on to target for 6s, reducing its physical evasion by 23%.

- Add new Black Baron's native skill: Advance Toxicology - Gives Black Baron 130% poison protection but reduce his water protection by 30.

- Add new Black Baron's skill: SilenceVMaim - Deal STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(10~15) [earth] dmg to target and inflect silence or cripple base on location of hit.

- Add new Black Baron's skill: AcidFlask - Creates acidic field, dealing TAL(20~30)/s [poison] dmg and reduce LVL(20~30)% poison protections.

- Add new Black Baron's skill: AllShots - Deal 4xSTR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(30~45) [earth] dmg to all targets with lock-on status.

- Add new Black Baron's skill: SuperDIX - Create a super medicine that increases highest stat by TAL(30~45) for 13s.

- Add new Black Baron's skill: HailMary - Lunge toward target, dealing STR(0.8~1.0) + TAL(60~90) and inflict venom, disarm, silence, and criple for 6s.

BlackDeath - Lock HP at 1 for 3s and deal TAL(100~150) [poison][dark] mag.dmg and reduce [poison][dark] by LVL(40~60)%.

- Add new weapon: Black Baron's Standard Pistol.

- Add new armour: Black Baron's Standard Uniform.

- Add Tsukuyomi and Black Baron's arena conquest with Kosmos as their final rewards.

- Add new Tsukuyomi's anima: Moon Rabbit - Increase jump height by 1-4m and add light and dark protection.

- Add new Black Baron's anima: Black Op - Increase (4-10)% poison damage and add (5-20)% poison protection.

- Update and open Tsukuyomi's Lunar Petals. (Its damage will now increase with distance.)

- Update and open Tsukuyomi's jump attack.

- Fixed Tsukuyomi playing wrong greet animation.

- Fixed Tsukuyomi's MoonPhase not blocking effect from damage over time status.

- Fix Lost in Death City not dropping material.

- Change Lich Weapon to ice element.

- Fixed summon enchantment not giving out anything.

- Many more updates and bug fixes.