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200710 DarkestPriestUrion

The evil goat, the darkest priest - Urion has announced his satanic candidacy. With his black healing magic, he is simply one of the top healer in the underworld and those on his favour will have a hard time dying. With his lies, deceit, hypocrisy and his healing power, Urion has leverage his way into high position and fame. (He is often viewed as equal to (___ye) of the human world. Funny how they announce their candidacy at the same time heh?)

For next week, we'll be continuing with other stuffs. While there's many more demons in the production, they will be release later on. Hope you like the three we release so far. :)

Patch Note v6.54[ | ]

- Update Demon Slum to dark blood rain theme.

- Add more item to event shop.

- Add new demon, Urion, the darkest priest to the summon altar for 600g.

- Add Urion's new native skill: DarkPriest - Enable normal attack to deal STR(0.5~0.5) healing damage.

- Add Urion's new native skill: HealingBolt - Enable Urion to heal target with his charge attack by STR(0.3~0.3).

- Add Urion's new native skill: OverlapCast - Give Urion 33% chance to use his skill without any cool down.

- Add new Urion's skill: LifeZap - Zap target with LVL(15~20)% [thunder] m.dmg of its HP or maximum TAL(150~200).

- Add new Urion's skill: HealingBlast - Fire a HLG(200~300) healing blast that heal ally and enemy demons in 8m area.

- Add new Urion's skill: ProtectionBubble - Create a projectile-barrier at target area and increase DEF by LVL(40~60)% for 13s.

- Add new Urion's skill: Purify - Remove all target buffs and debuffs and prevent new ones for LVL(5-15)s.

- Add new Urion's skill: OverHeal - Cast a spell that deal HLG(100~150) healing mag.dmg to target enemy (ignore DEF.)

- Add new Urion's skill: ReverseDamage - Give target a status that reverse LVL(30~50)% phy and mag dmg into healing for 6s.

- Add Urion's standard weapon: standard hands.

- Add Urion's standard armor: standard palloum.

- Raise Black Baron's camero to his eye level and added up-down movements to his arm.

- Update Black Baron's VenomLuger - Give normal attack free sp and 13% chance to inflict venom with 10% of its dmg. (Stack)

- Fixed Black Baron's native skill that increase item effect not working. (Now it should work on all items not just hp mp sp potion- i.e. those that add 66 str will now add 132 str.)

- Increase Black Baron's AllShots Damage and reduce its animation time.

- Fixed Tsukuyomi's Lunar Petal network movement not working.

- Fixed Ishtar's summons did not receive increase summon effect.

- Update and change glutony, wrath and envy arena's screen corrected color.

- Again, so many more bug fixes and update. :)