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200724 StotyModeTrollHunt

Story Mode is now finally open! Find out the background stories for each demon candidate. (Access via the story orb in Soul Tower's demon archive.) So sorry we couldn't get the the patch in last week, but this week we make up with chapter 1 for six demons. They are really cool and completing the stories for each difficulty will give you free gold. (They actually take lots of time and effort to make..) Hope you like them.

Anyway, there's also many updates and changes made this week. New troll event where you hunt Troll and Witches for new event anima. New open would event where you help Steve push his apple cart and get event items based on how well you protected him. New arena rule where Anima is temporary excluded from the first for arena (This is a temporary fix yo help new players playing with the old-too powerful players. It will be revert back at later date.)

Lastly, the corona virus is still here, so don't be a Troll and make sure to wear a mask outside. ;D

Patch Note v6.55[ | ]

- Add new story mode, which can be access via the Demon Archive Chamber in Soul Tower.

- Add three new story maps: Fabrication Lab, Dead End Alley, and Bamboo Groove.

- Add story chapter 1 for Wiktor, Barbas, Matti, Killjoy, Oyama and Tsukiyomi.

- Add new event Troll Hunt to event shop and remove rain weather from purgatory and Demon Slum.

- Add new event mobs, Cronono and Trololo to open world.

- Add new event item: Amber Tush dropped from event mob (15% and 45%.)

- Add new event anima: Warped Logic I-IV (Add 4-10 TAL and block silence, sleep and nightmare by 20-50%)

- Add new event anima: Troll Aspect (Add 4-10 VIT and block disarm, stun and paralyse by 20-50%)

- Add new Steve Cart event to open world. (will trigger every hour, when raid boss is not presented.)

- Add new Purgatory zone titles.

- Purgatory Plain will now be friendly zone, where all players start with Team1.

- Add new "No Anima" arena rule, which will be temporary applied to Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath and Envy Arena. (will be revoked back later.)

- Update new interface icons in Soul Tower.

- Double the network buffer size for those who had a lot of stuffs,