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200731 UltimateDemonCarnage

The Ultimate Demon Carnage (UDC) is here! Time to face the ultimate challenge, with the new 1vs1 open arena. Well our players have been asking for this 1 vs 1 for awhile now. This will let you duke it out with official rules. (The winner stay until winning maximum 6 UC medals.) Hope you all like it.

We are getting ready for the game relaunch campaign. So we are swamped with work atm. But expect great things to come soon. (Well we always say soon.. but it's truely a lot of tough work ahead of us. lol) :)

Patch Note v656[ | ]

- Add new open arena, Ultimate Demon Carnage or UDC. (Accessible via Steve in Demon Slum.)

- Add new arena reward, UC Medal. (Thrown into fire altar to get random prizes.)

- Add new anima, UDC I-V (Add 4-20 STR, DEX and VIT)

- Add new UDC Champion belt (add phy.damage and def by 6%.)

- Add new story map DemonThrone.

- Add new chapter1 for BlackBaron and Urion.