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200807 FourMantras

The story goes that the late Satan has created some powerful war golem called Tetra Mantras. With their master gone, these golems are rampaging and destroying everything in sight. So it's time to gain some new fame by defeating them all

Well well well, it's been a long time for some challenging campaign. This one will truly test your elemental prowess as each boss can only be damaged by opposing element (fire->earth->wind->water->fire). So set your team right. Don't forget to put as much elemental resist as you can, as they do pact some powerful punches. (Or better yet, stack those elemental resist potions in your pocket.)

ps. As you might have guessed, we are super busy doing things outside of our game work. So thanks for your patience with the bug fixes.

Patch Note v6.57[ | ]

- Add a new campaign, The Four Mantras. (5 players, accessible from war chamber.)

- Add a new boss, TetraMantras.

- Replace the old skull material into new material: Tetra Orb.

- Remove Death Knight campaign from war chamber (will be later open as story stage instead.)

- Add new Four Mantras campaign quests and anima (Add 10-25% fire, water, wind and earth protection but reduce other element by 5-20%.)

- Redone the lighting for 12tails dungeon.

- Allow the premium demons (Tsukuyomi, Black Baron, and Urion) to be able to equip accessory.

- Update RodeoBob's Remote Trigger, Demolition Charge, Riding Shotgun effects and mechanics.

- Many many other polishing works.