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200814 TrapRunner

Summary[ | ]

This patch we introduce "Trap runner" our newest and our most difficult map ever. Rather than fighting against other players or mobs, this map will challenge you against yourself. Inspired by American Ninja and Titan game, you need to keep control of your own head. Keep calm as you solved through our 9 difficult stages of traps. (-We swear we plan this map before F-llguy come out lol.) The further you go, the better reward you will receive. Again, the time for open arena is 10am, 14pm, 16pm, 18pm and 20pm on weekends and 18pm, 20pm and 22pm on weekdays.

Important note is that, we are now implementing the equipment rarity rules, which require player rank for each equipment' rarity. (Rare > 5, Epic > 10, Legendary > 15, Satanic > 20.) This is actually how it was intended to be, we just omitted it to make the game easier in the beginning. But now, players should have easier time getting higher ranks, as we will be adding more campaigns soon. There's also one more open arena coming, then the five of them will rotate on daily basis. So if you miss anything, please stay tune.

Peace out. and let us know if you reach the end of our new stage. ;)

Patch Note v6.58[ | ]

- Add new open arena: Trap Runner (accessible through Steve in demon slum with devil pass.)

- Add new item: TR Box (throw into Flame alter to get random rewards.)

- Add new animas: Trap Runner I-V (Add 4-20 DEX, VIT and TAL.)

- All equipment and animas will now require player rank base on their rarity (rare - 5, epic - 10, legendary - 15, satanic - 20)

- Rewrite character movement script, now anything twice bigger (such as Bosses) will push other characters out instead of bouncing off.

- Fixed Matti and Killjoy Story level not starting.

- Fixed SiergeBot not attacking in 12TailsDungeon.

- Fixed new Demons unable to equip accessory and trinkets.