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200821 CrystalDwarfAndCameraItems

A new demon has joined the fray! This week we released Anneberg, one of the Uber tank with tons of HP and the ability to absorb attacking elements to increase his own protection. We also increased all demons' max level to 40, added bunch of new camera items. POV glasses that change your PoV to FPS, TSP, and MMO when equiped. Experimental Lomo cam that temporary change your view port shader. Better shaders and cooler effects are coming after this.)

And lastly, we added the long awaited satanic armor schema to Expert shop. Currently only Wiktor's is done, but the rest are gradually coming. ;)

Patch Note v6.59[ | ]

- Add new demon, Anneberg to Summon Altar. (900 gold, 80 Based STR, 200 Based Vit, 40 Based Dex and 40 Based Tal.)

- Add new Anneberg native skill: CrystalLance - Enable Anneberg to throw out lance dealing STR(0.8) phy.dmg with normal attack.

- Add new Anneberg native skill: AbsorberShield - Enable Anneberg to guard with charge attack, reduce damage by 50% and double prism guard stacking rate.

- Add new Anneberg native skill: DefensiveCharge - Enable repeated run attack, dealing STR(0.5~0.5) and reduce incoming damage by 30%.

- Add new Anneberg native skill: PrismGuard - Increase the damaging element protection by 5% for 6s every time Anneberg is hit with elements (stack, max 30%.)

- Add new Anneberg skill: ShieldBash - Deals STR(0.8~1.0) dmg with n.attack's element to surrounding enemies with TAL(100~150) hate.

- Add new Anneberg skill: DemonHunt - Throw spear toward closest enemy demon dealing STR(0.4~0.6) n.attack's element and cripple it for LVL(3~6)s.

- Add new Anneberg skill: EmeraldRay - Fire beam at one enemy dealing TAL(100~150) wind/earth mag.dmg and 50% to surrounding enemies.

- Add new Anneberg skill: Diffuser - Erase all elemental protections on self and place them on surrounding allies for (20~30)s.

- Add new Anneberg skill: EaterOfElements - Increase Elemental Guard's maximum stacking protection to LVL(50~75)% and duration to LVL(8~13)s.

- Add new Anneberg skill: EmeraldFall - Leap and smash target ground, dealing STR(3.0~4.0) wind/earth dmg and TAL(20~30) KO in wide area.

- Add new Anneberg's conquest and animas: Crystal Tribe I -IV (Add 200-800 flat hp.)

- Unlock all demons' maximum level to 40.

- Added new Schema XXX for satanic armor to Expert Shop.

- Add new Wiktor's satanic armor to compound shop. (The rest are gradually coming.)

- Added new PoV glasses to event and money shop (change view to FPS, TPS, HNS, and MMO.)

- Added new reusable field items, experimental lomo cameras to event shop. (Temporary change view port shader.)

- Updated Hermont's run attack, making it not stopping after used.

- Update Tutorial 1 and Turotial 2 lighting.