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200828 InvasionOfDarkDragon

Summary[ | ]

New open world event is here! Someone has summoned the dark dragon race back from the abyss. These dragon have been imprisoned there due to their terrifying power. Sad news is, we also planned to release new dragon boss campaign with this patch, but we have to delay it for next week. Many more dragons are also coming with the follow patches. So be prepared for them.

Patch Note v6.60[ | ]

- Add new open world event: Dark Dragons and change Demon Slum and Purgatory to Dark Portal theme.

- Update event shop and add new event item: D.Scythe. [img]

- Add new dragonling called Dgon to purgatory.

- Add new event anima: Dragon Strength I-IV (add 6-15 STR and block 10-25 phy.dmg)

- Add new event anima: Dragon Agility I-IV (add 6-15 DEX and block 10-40 mag.dmg)

- Add new mob: Treasure Jar to purgatory desert. (Spawn randomly with 100-500 silver killed reward.)

- Fixed RodeoBob skills not facing the right direction.

- Update Anneberg's base stats to STR: 100, VIT: 160, DEX: 35 and TAL: 35.

- Fixed hack where user can gain conquest reward without completing it.

- Fixed Wiktor's satanic armor color misplaced with different skin color.

- Update Anneberg's artwork.

- Update build machine's hardware which will reduce MA time by significant amount.