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200903 DragonOfAbyss

Summary[ | ]

The black king dragon Tyrannos, who has been imprisoned by the late Satan has been summoned back by some cult lunatics. Time show who's the new boss in the Underworld and defeat it back to the Abyss! This will be new challenging campaign that require a good tough demon to tank the dragon boss. So make sure you get one or two in your team, and the stage should be pretty easy. Good luck. ;)

Patch note v6.61[ | ]

- Add new campaign, Tyrannos - Dragon of the Abyss campaign window in war chamber.

- Add new Campaign Anima, Tyrant Dragon I-IV (Block 6-15 physical and 12-30 magical dmg.)

- Add new campaign material: Abyssal Gem.

- Add new dragon called Wvern to open world.

- Reduce Dgon base power and block damage (from 30 to 10.)

- Add Xunwu's satan armor to compound shop and update wiktor's satanic armor icon.

- Update and reduce various Mhou's skill cool downs.

- Fixed Nija's satanic weapon model.

- Fixed Oyama's anima not reducing cool down.