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210101 NewYearLight

It's 2021! Happy new year every demons out there. Hope you had a good year. To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away many in-game and outside-the-game items as new year presents! The top 5 winner with highest-rank of each week in SEA server will receive the iron-cast Wiktor or the A3 poster (by user choice) send to thier home.

Additionally, all players in all servers with positive ranking will also receive the following rewards every week:

1st Week (Jan 1st) - 1000x mamon gold and 2000 silver.

2nd Week (Jan 8th) - 500x mamon gold and 6x Kshacoin II.

3rd Week (Jan 15th) - 500x mamon gold and 3x Kshacoin III.

4th Week (Jan 22th) - 500x mamon gold and 1x Kosmos.

5th Week (Jan 29th) - 500x mamon gold and 1x Kosmos.

Thank you for playing, we look forward to the 2021 as we have planned something big for everyone and our game. As for this week inside the game, we have a special New Year Event with special crossover heroes from 12Tails with exact abilities and power, so that you could test your demon strength against them. (You can find them spawning every 5 minutes at the Purgatory Gate's arena area.)

As a special community event, anyone who record his or her fight against them and post them online via facebook, youtube, or twitch with special tag #DRCvs12Tails with player ID will also receive a special pet send to their account.

Happy New Year and hope all your wishes come true!


Patch Note v 6.79[ | ]

- Add a new open world event, New Year Light.

- Change purgatory and demon slum to Light theme.

- Add new Champion Wolf and Champion Sheep at the Purgatory Gate's arena.

- Add new satanic armor for Mim at the compound shop. (require satanic armor schema.)

- Add new collector pet, Little Carron and Little Peppon. (23% chance to drop from Champion Wolf and Champion Sheep)

- Add new collector pet, Little Mad Carron and Little Mad Peppon. (To be give away to the #DRCvs12Tails challenge.)

- Change Demon's MSP back to DEX.

- Change Demon's MHP to 13xVIT. (from previous 10xVIT.)

- Update Veron's Ice Hurricane.

- Lower most Verin's abilities cool down.