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210108 TiamatDemiDragon

Well, well well, if it isn't the first week of 2021! We have many new stuffs, namely the new demi demon/dragon, who possesses powerful dot spells. More over, our invite system is also live! Our two 12Tails champions is now moved and upgraded to Boss level in Ranking Challenge#3 January Light.

Our top five winners of our first week HYNY give-away is as follow. (please pm us your address so we can send the package.)

- Blazxus

- Winterz

- STOOL003

- Thefirstnil

- Qenclosed

Special pet has been set to the following player ID for the #DRCvs12Tails:

- Magnetic

- Armza1142



- henry14

- GoodNight


- Qqnew777

- 1119nildddyday

- noysikung200


- TillyTiw

- can1180nin

- Chotikan2544

- biwza2587


- plumza007

- boatzacat007

- Snowwy

- Zpheonixz

- Winterz

Our 2nd Week (500x mamon gold and 6x Kshacoin II) has also been handed out to all players with possitive pvp ranking. (please pm us if you have posted a VDO and not included in the list.)

Patch Note v.680[ | ]

- Add new Ranking Challenge #3 January Light to campaign window.

- Update Champion Wolf and Champion Sheep to boss version (with revive skills.)

- Remove Champion Wolf and Champion Sheep from purgatory gate.

- Add new satanic accessory: Light Diamond to Lich's collector shop.

- Add new demon, Tiamat to summon altar. (1300 mamon golds.)

- Add new Tiamat's standard weapon: Tiamat's Eye.

- Add new Tiamat's standard armor: Standard Cuirass.

- Add new Tiamat passive skill: AbysmalClaw - Enable n.attack deal STR(0.8~0.8) with 23% chance to inflect 6s breed.

- Add new Tiamat passive skill: DarkFire - Enable Tiama to fire dark fireball with his c.attack, dealing MAG(30~30) [fire][dark] mag.dmg.

- Add new Tiamat passive skill: OnyxDragon - Block all damages equal to 3x Tiamat's level. Add +30% [fire]/[light] and -30% [ice]/[thunder] resist.

- Add new Tiamat passive skill: EyeOfTheAbyss - Give Tiamat the ability to instantly cast all spells with no casting time but disable walk/sprint.

- Add new Tiamat tier-1 skill: BlackBurn - Curse target with torment status dealing TAL(13~23) effect dmg over 23s.

- Add new Tiamat tier-1 skill: DrainCurse - Cast a curse that slowly drains target's HP by 7x TAL(23~30) [dark] dmg for 23s.

- Add new Tiamat tier-1 skill: ChaosBombs - Fire 5x gravity bombs in front, dealing MAG(50~75) mag.dmg with 33% chance to silence.

- Add new Tiamat tier-1 skill: AbyssalChains - Call out chains from the sky, dealing 5xMAG(40~60) dmg and reduce 10% dark protection each (stack up to 40%.)

- Add new Tiamat tier-1 skill: BlackChasm - Channel a dark vortex that deal TAL(30~45) [dark] mag.dmg reduce enemies speed and pull them toward Tiamat.

- Add new Tiamat tier-1 skill: GravityCrush - Cast a black-hole that deals [dark] effect dmg equal to LVL(40~60)% of target's current HP (max TAL(300~450).)

- Update Verin's various cool downs.

- Add new Team Invite menu to Team manage inside War Chamber. (players must sign up at recruit board.)

- Add Invite system to OPW (press Y to accept or N key to decline.)