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210122 MarchOfThePenguins

It's our last winter patch! To say good bye to the snow theme, we added several masters of the ice for you to play in the snow with. We hope many of our old fans will be pleased, as they are none other than the 12Tails Penguins and the IceGod, Venero! THis patch also update TIamat's second tier skills and improve a lot of Hermont and Oyama's skills. Hope you enjoy uynderworld's final week of snow. ;)

Be warned through, this is a huge patch (2gb+) because we update our game engine to the latest version. (This is actually to make our game looks as good as our up-coming commercial, which used this new version lol) So good news is, the game should looks better and there will be many new features coming soon.

Patch Note v7.00[ | ]

- Update our game client to the latest unreal 4.26.

- Add new Ranking Challenge: #4 January Ice.

- Add new 12Tail Hero: Penguin to Ranking Challenge.

- Add new event raid boss: Ice God Venero. (50% to spawn in purgatory.)

- Add new pet: Little Ice Penguin (drop from Venero) : Add 12Tal and 6% ice damage.

- SinkingNether - Drain TAL(30~45) HP with [dark] effect.dmg and reduce [dark] by LVL(13~23)% for 13s.

- SummonDarklings - Summon two Dgons that has level equal to Tiamat's TAL(10~15).

- ManaLeech - Drain TAL(23~30) HP with [dark] mag.dmg from a single target over 23s.

- MightDissolve - Instantly reduce target STR by LVL(50~75)% or Max TAL(60~90) STR for 6 sec.

- BlackChasm - Channel a pit that deal TAL(45~66) [dark] mag.dmg and greatly reduce speed on a single target.

- DepthOfBarathrum - Give a (66~100)% chance to return 5% of Tiamat's HP and MP every time Tiamat cast a spell.

- Update Hermont's skills, increasing their damages with lower cool downs.

- Update Oyama's skills, increasing their damages with lower cool downs.

- Temporary allow Satanic items to be equiped with Demon level 40. (Only in Demon Soul's armory.)