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210219 FenliBridge

It's the new free-for-all open PvP arena! This time you only get to collect skill lotus to use one random skills. Come join and show your ownage skillz! This patch also updated and optimized many maps and add new Ranking Challenge#6: Febuary Fire. So get yourself ready and go rulez them all. ;)

ps. We have many many other stuffs in the pipeline, but sadly we couldn't add them in time. So sad.. T_T

Patch Note v7.04[ | ]

- Add new open pvp arena: Fenli Bridge.

- Add new animas to event shop: Lotus Bloom I-IV (Add 15-35 MP regen.)

- Add new ranking challenge #6 Febuary Fire.

- Add new boss: Devil XunWu.

- Add new Fire Ruby to Death King's collector shop.

- Update all Magic Circle particle.

- Update and revamped Gluttony, Wrath, and Death City maps.

- Change detect status to no longer erase blend and invisible status, but instead change the target to clear shader an allow target to be loackable.

- Increased damage of various Nija's skills.

- Reduce Mhaou's life sharing skill's mitigation from 50% to 30%.

- Reduce Mhaou's mp regen from drunkenFeast.

- Reduce Zuijin elemental protection to 20 and add wind weakness.

- Add new 4th, 5th, 6th skin colors to all new demons.

- Update and change Wiktor's hair color according to his skin.

- Reduced pet drop rate to 0.1%.

Patch Note v7.05[ | ]

- Fixed Fenli Bridge missing end code.

- Fixed Fenli Bridge missing death trigger under the water.

- Fixed missing Zuijin's quests.

- Add new Zuijin anima: Art of War I-IV.

- Add new firework in event shop: Fire Cracker and Floating Lantern.