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210312 DemionRevolution

Demions in the underworld are revolting against demons for better pay and their right to vote! As the number of demions in the underworld is actually ten fold the number ofdemons, you just can't let them win lol

It's actually double patch this week! So sorry we are pretty noob with the localisation process. But all hiccup now is solved, so be sure to expect many more languages incoming soon. For now, you can switch to Thai language in the game option menu (detail below!)

Patch Note v7.07-7.08[ | ]

- Add new event: Demion Revolt with new event item: Demion Ears.

- Add new beast: Demion Engineer, and other Demions to purgatory plain.

- Added new potions to Event Shop and FreeShop: HP Flask, MP Flask, Invisible Flask, Invincible Flask.

- Add new event anima: Demions I-IV - increases exp at the end of mission 25-100%.

- Add new Ranking Challenge VII: March Thunder.

- Added new Devil: Devil Mastema.

- Added new Story Map for Troth.

- Added new Story Map for RodeoBob.

- Added new Story Map for Mara.

- Added new Story Map for Zuijin.

- Add new Thai language. (change by selecting language in option menu.)

- Fixed Thai language display incorrectly.

- Added new support for language localisation.

- Fixed Thai keyboard cannot activate skills with number shortcuts.

- Change and consolidate many item effects. Early bird anima will now give 3-10% exp from combat.