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210319 AngelOfDeathMastema

Death King has sent his adopted fallen-angel Mastema, who is also his best undead soldier, to the Satanic Election!

ps. Just a little note that all undeads as well as most bosses cannot be inflicted with death.

Patch Note v7.09[ | ]

- Added new demon, Mastema. (1300 gold)

- Add new Mastema's Tier1 Skill: SilencingClap: Deal TAL(50~75) [thunder] m.dmg with 50% chance to inflict 6s silence

- Add new Mastema's Tier1 Skill: SummonUndeads: Summon 4-6x lv.13023 undead soldiers for 23s.

- Add new Mastema's Tier1 Skill: IceBrinicle: Deal 2xTAL(66~90) [ice] m.dmg with 33% chance to inflict 6s ice.

- Add new Mastema's Tier1 Skill: SoulReaper: Throw a homing scyth, dealing STR(0.2~0.3) + TAL(20~30) dmg/s with current element.

- Add new Mastema's Tier1 Skill: SummonDeathArmy: Summon 1-2x lv.23-33 Axe Bone or Knight Bone for 45s.

- Add new Mastema's Tier1 Skill: FingerOfDeath: Inflict death on target demon or summon, killing them after LVL(60~30)s in LVL(20~30)m.

- New HP Regen, MP Regen, Abnomal status enhancement schemas level I-III. (Item Shop and Event Shop)

- New Thai translation of all demon skills.

- Update many skills' STR mod.

- Added new Thai translation of all notice bar.

- Added new Tsukuyomi voices.

- Added new Tiamat voices.

- Lower all satanic elemental seals to 15 element damage and +-30 elemental protection.