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210326 ZurferSummer

Summer heat is back, time to get new surfer suit and enjoy the sun! Plus Mastema, Anneburg, Bifron's skills update. New Ranking challenge#8: April Earth is also included. Hope you all have a happy summer!

Patch Note v7.10[ | ]

- Add new Zurfer's Summer event.

- Change DemonSlum and Purgatory to summer theme.

- Add two new BG soundtracks.

- Add new creep: PyeApple as well as melom to Purgatory Plain.

- Add new Zurfer set (15% dropped from summer coconut.) - Add 25% earth, ice, poison, thunder, dark protection but reduce other elements.

- Add new Ranking Challenge #8: April Earth.

- Add new Devil Melom and Devil PyeApple.

- Add new satanic Elemental Gems: earth and thunder to Death King's collector shop.

- Update all satanic Elemental Gems icon and effects.

- Add new Mastema's tier-2 skill: Death Sweeper - Deal STR({0}~{1}) dmg with LVL({3}~{4})% chance (double for summon) to inflict {5}s death.

- Add new Mastema's tier-2 skill: Frozen Death - Deal TAL(60~90) and freeze nearby enemies in place for LVL(3~4)s.

- Add new Mastema's tier-2 skill: Summon Hell Hounds - Summon (2-3)x lv.(13~23) undead hounds for 30s.

- Add new Mastema's tier-2 skill: Thunder Strikes - Call thunder strikes dealing TAL(90~130) [thunder] m.dmg up to 4~8 targets.

- Add new Mastema's tier-2 skill: Summon Death Mages - Summon LVL(1~2)x lv.(23~33) undead mages for 36s.

- Add new Mastema's tier-2 skill: Soul Collector - Permanently add LVL(6~13) all stats for each kill until death (max 66~130.)

- Add new Anneburg's tier-2 skill: TerraFirma - Add barrier shield to charge attack, blocking all projectiles and add LVL(20-30)% dmg reduction.

- Add new Bifron's tier-2 skill: Dimention Splitter - Deal TAL(130~200) dmg in a long line and divide the zone into two.

- Add new Bifron's tier-2 skill: Galaxy Fall - Open up a portal to the universe and deal 10x LVL(66~99) MP dmg over 13s in 30m.

- Fixed incorrect summon scaled levels.

- Add new Demon Slum and Purgatory Plain tutorials.

- Add many new Thai translation update.